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General Questions

Yes for groups of 30 or more. Please contact us at Support@damacdmp.com for more information.

You can pay with a credit card using our Shopping Cart.  Alternatively, we can issue an Invoice, or a quote so that you company can issue a Purchase Order and pay with a check or bank transfer.  To request a quote or an invoice, please, contact customer support at support@DAMACDMP.com.

DataManagementU does not offer refunds for its courses once the purchase has been fulfilled. Prospective customers are cautioned several times before making the final purchase to ensure they are committed to purchasing a course through DataManagementU/DAMACDMP.

All prices are shown in US Dollars.

We collect emails for communication purposes.  Please read our Privacy Policy regarding the use of emails.

Course Questions

DataManagementU presents courses through a Learning Management System (LMS).  The courses run as presentations in a web-browser. This approach allows the student to pause, resume, and start-over at any point during the course.  The LMS is compatible with any computer platform and browser, and is accessible via mobile and tablet platforms as well.

Absolutely, you can! Just download the TalentLMS app for free on your mobile device. You may find it in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. Enter the domain DataManagementU, your ID, and your password.

Each course is available to the student for a period of 50 weeks, starting with the date you access it for the first time.  If you require more than 50 weeks, please email us at support@DAMACDMP.com

Please, click on the LMS Login link in the upper left part of your screen.  Alternatively, you can type the following URL directly in your browser: http://datamanagementu.talentlms.com

Of course you can!

DataManagementU courses target the professional data management business and technical communities, especially those who are interested in preparing for taking the examinations to become a Certified Data Management Professional® (CDMP®) through DAMA International.

No. The course is designed to be taken over a period of weeks.  You may close out the presentation and return to it later. The LMS will track your progress so that you may resume where you left off, even resuming from a different computer.  Note, however, when taking a DataManagementU exam, you may not pause or resume the module. Exams must be taken from beginning to end in one sitting.

DataManagementU, DAMACDMP.com, and its affiliates do not have any connection with the Certified Data Management Professional® (CDMP®) examination process through DAMA International.  The exam at the end of the course is for preparation purposes only, and is NOT intended to replace the CDMP® examination process. All CDMP® exams are taken directly through DAMA International – http://www.dama.org

You can join our LinkedIn and Facebook groups, DAMACDMP Prep – Preparing for Successful Data Management Education.  These groups provide a forum for peer networking and discussion of key issues relevant to data management and the CDMP® certification.  We have a broad group membership including industry experts, influencers, practitioners and associates in various enterprise data management disciplines.

DataManagementU/DAMACDMP courses are designed to be self-paced courses.  This means that the course is delivered to the student to be completed without the guidance of an instructor so the student can proceed at his or her own pace as long as the final deadline is met.  All the course materials have been developed so the student can learn from the narrated slides, the assigned readings, and from completing the module / chapter exercises fully.

Upon purchasing a course, you should receive a credit card transaction receipt within 10 minutes at the address you registered with DAMACDMP's online store.  An enrollment notification along with detailed course access information and other useful tips will arrive in a separate email message. If you have not received it within 24 hours of your purchase please first check your junk-mail or spam in-box in case the message(s) was filtered.  If the messages are still not found, send an e-mail to us at support@DAMACDMP.com. We will verify the transaction and re-send the enrollment.

Not at this time.  All DAMACDMP courses and materials are in English.

DataManagementU’s DAMACDMP courses qualify for CPE credits.  We can provide a letter confirming successful completion of courses, and a confirmation of the final exam’s score.  If your designating organization has any specific CPE reporting requirements please let us know and we will be sure to address them in the letter.  Please contact support@DAMACDMP.com for more information.

Exam Questions

The content of the exams vary, depending on the course.  They are timed and cannot be paused, so you must complete each exam in a single sitting.

You can review and change your answers at any time until you submit the entire exam at the end of the session, before the end of the exam time.  Please make sure that you check that **all questions** have been answered before clicking "submit all."

No.  There are five types of questions:

    True/False.  Choose whether a statement is true or false.
    Multiple Choice.  Select one answer from the list of choices.
    Multiple Responses.  Check all correct answers from the list of choices.
    Matching Drag & Drop.  Match each item in the list on the right to an item in the list on the left by dragging and attaching them together.
    Sequence Drag & Drop.  Order items (for instance, steps in a procedure) according to specific criteria by dragging them up or down the list.

Yes.  There are three levels of difficulty following educational best practices:

    Level 1.  Recognition.  Test ability to retrieve, recognize, and remember concepts and terminology.

    Level 2.  Understanding.  Test ability to compare, contrast, describe, interpret, classify, and explain terms, concepts, or ideas.

    Level 3.  Application.  Test ability to combine different concepts and ideas and apply them to solve problems or produce results.

No.  The questions for each exam are selected randomly from a large test bank.  However, the selection program ensures that every student gets the same number of questions.

The exams are graded by a program as part of the LMS.  No points are awarded for skipping a question.

The passing grade is 70% for the final exam in each DataManagementU/DAMACDMP course.

Each module (chapter) has ending quizzes (assessments) that serve to test the student’s grasp of the information presented in that module.  You can take the module (chapter) ending quizzes as many times as you like before attempting the final exam. In addition, completing the assignment at the end of each module (chapter) reinforces the learning experience, and helps with passing the final exam.

Take the DAMA CDMP® Fundamentals Exam Prep course Final Exam as many times as you need to earn  a passing grade in the exam.  Once you have passed the Final Exam you can review the course materials and re-take the quizzes at the end of each chapter while you stall have access to our course. Access is for 50 weeks from the date of access for the first time.  A learner cannot re-take the Final Exam after passing it, since they may earn a failing grade the second time which would wipe out the original passing grade.

You will receive confirmation of your final exam results soon after completing the exam, with the final score displayed.  In addition, you will receive an email message with confirmation of your results, within a few days of the completion of the course.

Once you pass the exam, you will receive a Certificate of Completion documenting that you have completed the course successfully.  For best results when printing out your certificate change image orientation to landscape, set margins to zero, and set output size to "same as paper size" or "fit screen."

Do not be discouraged.  The courses cover much material and are designed to be challenging.  This way, passing the exam is a true indication of significant mastery of the subject.  Since DataManagementU/DAMACDMP courses are designed to prepare a candidate to take the Certified Data Management Professional® (CDMP®) examinations, it is important that each student complete all the course modules (chapters), take all the chapter quizzes, and complete all the assignments before attempting the course’s final exam.  Doing all this will help solidify the learning and prepare you to pass both the DAMACDMP Prep exam and the Certified Data Management Professional® (CDMP®) examinations from DAMA International.

Of course you can take the course and exams on any commonly used mobile device.

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